We are a smart social app that enhances self-expression, extending beyond mobile platforms, across IoT devices. Make everyday interactions more engaging and fun with our AI personalization technology.


With an EMBA degree from China’s renowned Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Bill Hu, Kika Tech CEO and Co-founder, is well versed in operating Internet companies. In 2011, he partnered with Ric Zhou, Co-Founder and Head of R&D, to fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit and start their own company. Ric, a seasoned R&D executive, graduated from the prestigious Beijing University with a bachelor’s degree from the mathematics department and a master’s degree in computer science.

The mobile Internet use was exploding at that time and China had over 400 million smart phone users, triggering an entrepreneurial boom and prompting the government to offer greater financial support to Internet startups. Bill and Ric wanted to take advantage of this. After almost two years of trial and error, creating and testing more than 70 products and services, they realized the important need for mobile communications to better convey a user’s feelings and emotions.

Bill and Ric became passionate about creating a product that would help billions of mobile users communicate around the world with their ideas, emotions and personality. They formed Kika Tech and developed an Emoji keyboard that enhanced the way information is shared through messaging and other social platforms.

Since then, the company has enriched its products with a wide variety of choices and functions—including 1,600 emoticons, trendy stickers and customized layouts, fonts, and themes. Building upon the company’s success in China, Kika established its Silicon Valley headquarters in June of 2016, underscoring the increasing demand for mobile communications that better conveys a user’s feelings and emotions.